Scale Your Process Economically

Services Available

Feedstock Pretreatment                                     Fermentation                                               Chemical Recovery                                                   Acidification                                             Esterification                                            Hydrogenolysis                                          Enzymatic Hydrolysis

Company Highlights

ZeaChem is a state of the art processing services plant located in Boardman Oregon. The plant offers organism developers a robust seed train, as well as the broad process scaling knowledgebase of its experienced operations team. The Boardman plant is strategically located next to rail, barge, and interstate transportation. Operating at ZeaChem’s Boardman facility allows companies to prove their technology in a low cost environment with scale up demonstration capacity larger than what is currently being offered in the market. The seasoned operations team at ZeaChem has a wide variety of experience obtaining government grants, tax credits, and loan guarantees. ZeaChem has the resources, capital raising skills, and equipment necessary to effectively scale your process and drive successful partnerships.

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