ZeaChem and Pure Cultures Announce Product Development and Supply Memorandum Of Understanding

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – September 15th, 2015 – ZeaChem Inc., a biorefinery developer, today announced a Product Development and Supply Memorandum of Understanding with Pure Cultures, a producer of high-quality probiotic products. The agreement will accelerate the product development of Pure Cultures’ direct fed microbials (DFM). The companies intend to cooperatively validate pilot, demonstration and production processes at ZeaChem’s facility in Boardman, Oregon and Pure Cultures’ facility in Denver, Colorado with the intent of defining production protocols and product specifications. While validation work is ongoing, ZeaChem and Pure Cultures will also develop a Supply Agreement, contingent upon successful completion of the validation work, for the contract manufacturing of direct fed microbials at ZeaChem’s facilities in Boardman, Oregon.

“ZeaChem has deep fermentation experience in the production of organic acid products as well as significant scale up and bio-industrial operations,” said Tim Eggeman, president and CEO of ZeaChem. “Working with Pure Cultures to scale their DFM production processes is a natural fit with our core expertise and existing biorefinery assets.”

“Use of DFMs helps remove the necessity of antibiotics from the food chain,” said Steve Kazemi, president and CEO of Pure Cultures. “This in turn enables growers to better respond to increasing retail food demands. Working with ZeaChem will enable us to scale and go to market much faster than we would otherwise be able to.”

About ZeaChem Inc.

ZeaChem Inc. is a biorefining project developer and operator, technology institute and biofuel and biochemical technologist. ZeaChem has built and operates a 250,000 gallon per year ethanol or equivalent biochemical output, Demonstration Plant in Boardman, OR. It is actively engineering its 1st Commercial project, which will be located adjacent to the Demonstration Plant and is continuously developing the portfolio of projects that will follow behind Boardman throughout the United States and around the world.

Please visit www.zeachem.com for more information.

Contact: Zac Mitchell, +1-720-838-2218, zmitchell@zeachem.com

About Pure Cultures

Pure Cultures is a Probiotic Technology company focused on solving health issues in both human and animal populations.  The Pure Cultures team has decades of experience developing probiotics and have paired this with innovative research and ground breaking technology to develop and scale new solutions contributing to the health of the microbiome in humans and animals.

Please visit www.purecultures.com for more information.

Contact: Colleen Kazemi, +1-303-722-5117, colleen@purecultures.com